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The Pats Fan Roller Coaster: A Story of Super bowl 49



On the surface, being a 25 year old New England Patriots fan will get you no sympathy from fans of every other sports team across the four major sports in North America. Since I was ten years old, my favorite team has had one head coach, one starting quarterback (save for an injury in 2008 and a 4 game suspension in 2016), and have only missed the playoffs twice (2002 and 2008). I will never complain about supporting this team, but it is not without epic emotional swings during this big games. Super Bowl 49 was the prime example of this. Here’s how the game unfolded in my parent’s living room that fateful night.

Tom Brady INT at Seattle 10, 1st Quarter 0-0: The most uncharacteristic throw I’ve ever seen given the stakes with Brady. Red Zone picks are what the Brandon Weeden’s of the world do, not the greatest QB of all time. Still a lot of time left but my god what a dumb dumb dumb dumb throw. Would have really put Seattle up against it.

Brady to Gronk TD, late 2nd Quarter, Pats 14-6: Seattle covered Gronk with some fat LB split out to the sideline! Pats might hang a hundo on this team! Let’s Go!!!!!!(Brady voice).

Wilson to Mathews TD, super late 2nd Quarter, 14-14: Kyle Arrington should have been cut 3 years ago (but with a lot less nicer language mixed in between). Seattle can double dip now and I’m starting to panic.

Wilson to Baldwin TD, late 3rd Quarter, 24-14 Seattle: I need and adult…

Brady to Amendola TD mid 4th, 24-21 Seattle: Get a stop, get a stop, get a stop, get a stop, get a stop, get a stop!!! The tease is getting too much now. Patriots clearly setting up to break my heart again. Anyone else you’d rather have in this situation than Brady though?

Brady to Edelman TD, Late 4th, 28-24 Pats: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE YOU’D RATHER HAVE! THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK! It would suck to be the fan of another team right now. Brady Brady Brady! (oh yeah, get a freakin stop D!)

Kearse catch, super late 4th, 28-24 Pats: Never meant to get Lombardi IV I guess. 2007 all over again. How much torture can happen. 2005 Super bowl seems like a lifetime ago. Sun questionable to rise in the AM.

Butler INT super duper late 4th, 28-24 Pats: I blacked out and fell off my couch and onto the floor. I still do not remember how I got face down on the floor but my first thoughts after I came too were: “S*** we are way to backed up! How we gonna kneel?! Gotta give them the hard count Tom! Give them the Hard COUNT!” I’v coached football too long to even enjoy the INT for the amazing play it was. I was too concerned with taking the knee to end it. Was sure something would go wrong. My buddy calls me in the moment reacting similar to me. Utter and pure shock.

Brady gets them to jump, Bruce Irvin gets DQ’d Pats win 28-24: The moment Michael Bennett jumped offside was the single happiest moment of my watching the Patriots since Vinatieri’s kick to beat the Rams. Pats win, Super bowl champs against all odds. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. Felt like I didn’t breathe for 4 straight hours.

This is not by any means a unique experience. I’m positive every other Patriots fan went through this same emotional swing during the game. I never in a thousand years thought I would experience such emotion with this team. My first memories of Patriots’ games were my dad having to find them on the bunny ears with the old TV in the early 90s because they wouldn’t sell out home games and put the game on TV. I had to watch Desmond Howard and Reggie White destroy any hope of a Super Bowl I thought we had in 97. I had to deal with Pete Carroll taking a Super Bowl team and driving them into the ground. Even in 2001, the Pats were 5-5 and using a backup QB before they went on this historic run. I wouldn’t trade this team for anything in the world. Remember when you’re watching the game Sunday between Atlanta and New England that the Pats’ fan base may be insufferable at times, but it’s because our peaks have been as tall as our valley’s have been deep. We live on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Our sports town has had its collective heart’s ripped out by giving up home runs to end seasons, giving up 3-0 series and 3-0 game 7 leads, and miracle catches. We’ve been on the right side of all those things as well. I’m sure Sunday will be no different but, as I wrote for my dad before I went to bed after searching for Championship t-shirts all night after Super Bowl 49, “Thanks for making me a fan of this team!”



Dumb NFL Coach of the Week: Divisional Round


(similar to this but not even close to the same)


Not going to lie, it was a CLOSE decision. Andy Reid was up to his usual tricks and screwed up the clock enough at the end of the  game where he didn’t have any timeouts and there was zero sense of urgency. Could have easily been him this week but he comes in third. NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles

Also could have been old friend Bill O’Brien! His decision to kick a field goal to stay down 17-16 instead of going for a TD when he has that inept offense deep in the red area was the biggest loser decision ever. He of all people should know that you cannot go into Foxboro and expect to win by kicking field goals in the redzone. It’s just not an option. The second he did that I said, “well that’s dumb, his offense will never be that close again.” Sure enough, they never got in the red area for the rest of the game. Gotta play to win there Bill.

And now to our winner, Jason Garrett. Garrett having his offense spike the ball on First down, with a time out, at the GB 40 yard line with 50 seconds left was the dumbest move of the year. Not only did it leave Rodgers with too much time after kicking the field goal but it took away a down they needed to get the next first down! The play there was for Garrett to take his time out and have 50 seconds to get 5 yards to kick a field goal. 50 seconds is a lot of time to manage. No reason to waste a down with 50 seconds left and you still have a timeout on the edge of Field Goal range! It was maddening. Absolutely the worst coached team this weekend was Dallas. They have a stellar team but with that coach, they will never win anything.

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NFL Divisional Round DFS RBs



Running Back notes to consider when creating your million dollar lineups this weekend

  1. Le’veon Bell is a generational talent- Not breaking news but it’s worth saying again and again. Bell has made a mockery of the competition when he has been on the field. The stats are very much in his favor as he always surpases 150 yard from scrimmage but your eyes can back up these stats. He is the most patient back in the league. Bell never forces his carries into the pile. He waits and waits and waits until he has a crease and explodes through it. He’s the anti-Trent Richardson. He’s what Laurence Moroney always wanted to be with his dancing until the hole opens up. Difference is, Bell has vision that his unique only to him. Obviously Bell is chalky and his ownership will be super high but you need to have exposure. Road teams always get this thing in their head where they feel they need to run, especially with the cold weather forecast for Kansas City. Expect Bell to have a day.
  2. Blount Week-  Bell’s former team mate and joy ride buddy Legarrette Blount has gameflow going for him this week as a 16.5 point favorite over Houston. As I wrote yesterday, look for him to get numerous red zone and goal line carries early and then clock killing carries late in a cold Foxboro Saturday night.
  3. Hard to find- The rest of the slate is tough to call. Gameflow will not be favoring Seattle as I expect them to be in a track meet in the Georgia Dome. Freeman and Coleman are also a tough call (Freeman>Coleman). Atlanta will look to use their backs in the passing game so target them for your mid to low priced options. Rest of the slate is brutal. Elliot could be a nice contrarian play against GBs top run defense. Game flow will hurt Elliot if the game goes like I think it will. Hard to roster Ware/West with the given injury concerns to Ware combined with a Pittsburgh front that has been playing very well.

Forgotten Cult Heroes: Mike Cloud

Mike Cloud, Patriot legend…for three games in 2003. I was watching the 2003 Pats Superbowl DVD recently in order to forget about the end to this patriots season. While watching the goal line stand in Indy and the 3 Law INTs of Manning in the AFCCG was awesome, one thing stuck out, Mike Cloud. Mike Cloud was a Cult hero for 3 weeks during this season. He only rushed for 118 yards over 5 appearances for the Pats but scored 5 TDs during that time. Scored 2 vs the Titans while rushing for 73 yards on 7 carries. That was his coming out party. The former BC all american RB also rushed for 2 Tds vs Indy that year too. This fill in back for Injured Antwan Smith and Kevin Faulk was a shooting star that captivated New England for a month and then poof was gone in a flash. Here’s to you Cult Hero Mike Cloud

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Jerry Jones Praises Jon Bon Jovi, Yawn…


ESPN– Link here

How about Jerry jones coming out and praising Bon Jovi? He’s a little late to the party. I’m not talking about late to being a fan to the great 80s hair metal band, no I’m talking about having Bon Jovi being associated with an NFL team. Belichick has the monopoly when it comes to Bon Jovi’s fan interests. Bon Jovi is a regular on the Pats sideline and in the captain’s chair next to Kraft in the throne room during games. Is this Jerry Jones trying to play mind games? Probably not. You can’t out mind game the master of universe Bill Belichick. 

Now this article is really about Bon Jovi being interested in buying the Bills. I’m all for it. It’s all part of Belichick’s plan. His boys always help him out and Bon Jovi would be no different. Belichick lost his AAA team the Buccanneers when Schiano got fired. Only natural the hooded one is putting another puppet government into place. 


Patriots Draft Recap

The most hyped draft in recent memory didn’t disappoint. The NFL can do whatever they want I guess because even after complaining about how they have jumped the shark blah blah blah, I still was glued to NFL Network until 530am Europe time. Let’s get to the Pats picks.

Dominic Easley is a huge question mark health wise. 2 torn ACLs in his college career is a concern but the sky is the limit. He gets after the QB on the inside and is tough against the run. He adds tons of spark to an old unit that was abysmal against the run last year. Injuries obviously played a big role last year but regardless, the need is there to sure up that front seven. Year 3 Chandler Jones, Nink, Wilfork and Easley getting after the QB on third down combined with a top 5 NFL secondary will be tough for teams to deal with. 

The depth they added on the OL, spending 3 picks, may surprise people who look at a group of solid starters all returning. I am all for it. This is a unit that yes has experience but needs a push for their positions. Last year was probably the worst year of the Brady tenure in terms of OL play. Wendell should lose his job. He can’t push anyone around and as the center, you always play vs the biggest, strongest players on the field. The kid from Florida St should jump him. Depth if nothing else is a great thing to have on the OL.

Jeremy Gallon. Michigan man. Great pick in the late rounds. Undersized yes but he was phenomenal at Michigan playing for very very mediocre pass QBs. Probably the most underrated college receiver in this draft. Absolutely will help on Special Teams and will add depth to the slot. 

Now for the elephant in the room. Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois. This is brilliant. Belichick even said himself after the pick, “better to be early than late.” He couldn’t be more right. Brady turns 37 in August. That is old folks. Not by any means ruling out another Super Bowl or two but let’s look at the history. Montana got traded, Favre got traded, even Wayne Gretzky got traded. What all those things have in common, the team that traded those players went onto win a title shortly after. As much as we don’t want it to happen, the day will come with Brady either retiring or wearing some god awful jersey that doesn’t have a flying elvis on it. Hopefully Jimmy will do nothing but hold a clipboard for 3 years and maybe throw a preseason TD or 2 and eventually take over for the GOAT and keep the never ending dynasty going. 

ESPN gave the Pats a C which is disgusting. So much potential in this group of players and tons of depth added in the right spots. The draft isn’t about drafting the best college players, it’s about drafting the best pros and that’s what the Pats did. B+


The Patriots now Have Their Order of Execution List

The Patriots now Have Their Order of Execution List

The schedule was finally released last night for the 2014 NFL season and I did not win any money in any of the contests predicting the schedules I entered. Surprise Surprise. Draft isn’t for another two weeks but let’s try and see how the Pats will fair with this set up.

Right off the bat, they get tested with a 1pm game in the hot and humid Miami weather. Will be a really tough test as both teams have improved dramatically. Edge Pats but would not surprise me one bit if they started 0-1 and we have to start the first week talking people off the top of the Tobin Bridge.

Going to Buffalo then coming home for a Thursday Jets game will be tough. Easy trap game in Buffalo depending on how the teams are playing at the time. Sets up a nice 10 day break before hosting the Bears which will be fantastic. Still, I am a firm believer that Thursday night games should be reserved for teams coming off BYE weeks.

Going to Green Bay then turning around and going to San Diego is pretty rough but it could be a lot worse. At least they are following up a trip to cold Green Bay with some sunshine the week after.

My prediction for the season is what it always is. 13-3 with a loss to a division rival (Week 1 @Miami) a loss to an out of conference foe (@Green Bay) and then a loss to a team that won their divison the year before like Denver or maybe even KC.

September 7th can’t come soon enough!