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The Pats Fan Roller Coaster: A Story of Super bowl 49



On the surface, being a 25 year old New England Patriots fan will get you no sympathy from fans of every other sports team across the four major sports in North America. Since I was ten years old, my favorite team has had one head coach, one starting quarterback (save for an injury in 2008 and a 4 game suspension in 2016), and have only missed the playoffs twice (2002 and 2008). I will never complain about supporting this team, but it is not without epic emotional swings during this big games. Super Bowl 49 was the prime example of this. Here’s how the game unfolded in my parent’s living room that fateful night.

Tom Brady INT at Seattle 10, 1st Quarter 0-0: The most uncharacteristic throw I’ve ever seen given the stakes with Brady. Red Zone picks are what the Brandon Weeden’s of the world do, not the greatest QB of all time. Still a lot of time left but my god what a dumb dumb dumb dumb throw. Would have really put Seattle up against it.

Brady to Gronk TD, late 2nd Quarter, Pats 14-6: Seattle covered Gronk with some fat LB split out to the sideline! Pats might hang a hundo on this team! Let’s Go!!!!!!(Brady voice).

Wilson to Mathews TD, super late 2nd Quarter, 14-14: Kyle Arrington should have been cut 3 years ago (but with a lot less nicer language mixed in between). Seattle can double dip now and I’m starting to panic.

Wilson to Baldwin TD, late 3rd Quarter, 24-14 Seattle: I need and adult…

Brady to Amendola TD mid 4th, 24-21 Seattle: Get a stop, get a stop, get a stop, get a stop, get a stop, get a stop!!! The tease is getting too much now. Patriots clearly setting up to break my heart again. Anyone else you’d rather have in this situation than Brady though?

Brady to Edelman TD, Late 4th, 28-24 Pats: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE YOU’D RATHER HAVE! THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK! It would suck to be the fan of another team right now. Brady Brady Brady! (oh yeah, get a freakin stop D!)

Kearse catch, super late 4th, 28-24 Pats: Never meant to get Lombardi IV I guess. 2007 all over again. How much torture can happen. 2005 Super bowl seems like a lifetime ago. Sun questionable to rise in the AM.

Butler INT super duper late 4th, 28-24 Pats: I blacked out and fell off my couch and onto the floor. I still do not remember how I got face down on the floor but my first thoughts after I came too were: “S*** we are way to backed up! How we gonna kneel?! Gotta give them the hard count Tom! Give them the Hard COUNT!” I’v coached football too long to even enjoy the INT for the amazing play it was. I was too concerned with taking the knee to end it. Was sure something would go wrong. My buddy calls me in the moment reacting similar to me. Utter and pure shock.

Brady gets them to jump, Bruce Irvin gets DQ’d Pats win 28-24: The moment Michael Bennett jumped offside was the single happiest moment of my watching the Patriots since Vinatieri’s kick to beat the Rams. Pats win, Super bowl champs against all odds. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. Felt like I didn’t breathe for 4 straight hours.

This is not by any means a unique experience. I’m positive every other Patriots fan went through this same emotional swing during the game. I never in a thousand years thought I would experience such emotion with this team. My first memories of Patriots’ games were my dad having to find them on the bunny ears with the old TV in the early 90s because they wouldn’t sell out home games and put the game on TV. I had to watch Desmond Howard and Reggie White destroy any hope of a Super Bowl I thought we had in 97. I had to deal with Pete Carroll taking a Super Bowl team and driving them into the ground. Even in 2001, the Pats were 5-5 and using a backup QB before they went on this historic run. I wouldn’t trade this team for anything in the world. Remember when you’re watching the game Sunday between Atlanta and New England that the Pats’ fan base may be insufferable at times, but it’s because our peaks have been as tall as our valley’s have been deep. We live on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Our sports town has had its collective heart’s ripped out by giving up home runs to end seasons, giving up 3-0 series and 3-0 game 7 leads, and miracle catches. We’ve been on the right side of all those things as well. I’m sure Sunday will be no different but, as I wrote for my dad before I went to bed after searching for Championship t-shirts all night after Super Bowl 49, “Thanks for making me a fan of this team!”



Two and a Half Hours until Puck Drop….

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a mental wreck all day. A teacher was talking about Hay fever with me and all I could think about was Zolak tweeting about Sodaberg. The suspense is killing but then again, the game probably will too. I know we have been spoiled with huge games like this here in Boston since 2001 but it doesn’t take away any of the luster one bit. Wouldn’t want to be a fan in any other city. 

Watch these videos to keep your sanity until puck drop. 

Game 6 = Murphy’s Law

gif not from last night but it might as well have been

Where oh where to begin. After dominating game 5 in every aspect from the score board, physicality, and supersoaker accuracy, the Bruins came and combined getting bad breaks with uninspired play. Not usually a recipe for winning playoff games. 

Bruins should have been up 2-1 after a dumb dumb dumb turnover leading to a Montreal goal. Lucic aimed away from the net when he had an easy back door opportunity. Eriksson hitting the crossbar (12th) did not do any favors either. The most frustrating part of the game was by far the second period post PP offensive end sequence where the Montreal players could not get off the ice for what seemed like an eternity. Not scoring in that opportunity really did them in and gave Montreal even more momentum.

The lone bright spot last night was obviously Sodaberg. The guy is playing on a different level right now. Lock him up long term. Star in the making and this series he has all but carried the Bruins. Magic man Krejci also played very well which could bode well for game 7 if our top 3 lines are going to catch fire.

How does anybody root for Montreal? Honest question. their best player punches people instead of checking them. They dive so much even the Italian national soccer team blushes a bit. There fans are more insufferable than Yankees fans and that is saying a lot. If you value humanity and are just a sports fan in general, you have to be rooting for Boston tomorrow night. It’s going to be a long summer if we don’t pull this one out. It’s only May 13 for god sake. Football season isn’t close enough yet! 9 to go.


Pathetic Game 3 for Bs

Well, last night was atrocious. Not even anything you can usually blame a road loss to the Canadiens on. This photo was the Bruins’ only penalty of the night and they ended up killing it already down 3-1. 

Where to begin? The awareness from the team has a whole was embarassing. Mezaros was a revolving door. Poor communication between Iginla and the defense on the first goal left Plekanec wide open for an easy back door layup goal. Two breakaways later, it’s 3-0. The Subban out of the box goal was the hardest to swallow. I remember looking at the clock as Montreal was clearing the zone and said Subban is coming out and good we have two guys back. Both stayed on the other side of the ice! It was mind boggling! I was convinced they had that threat covered but both players decided to hang Rask out to dry. 

It is easy to look and say they were snake bitten again with more whiffed shots and posts but at this point in the series, those excuses mean nothing. You have to execute. The first two periods, they were content to just shoot into defensemen and not get anything meaningful towards Price. Everything that went towards Price, he had a clean look at. I love Boychuck always shooting but my god, NO BLOCKED SHOTS. Everyone needs to start being accountable. With the exception of Krug and Bergeron, everyone is playing bad to terrible. Rask has been extremely average which you can’t be in the Stanley Cup playoffs is you expect to win a title. Game 4 is a must win. Carey Price is good enough where he will steal a close out game if you give him 3 chances. He has been outstanding this series. It’s easy to hate Subban too because of his antics, but the guy is a player. Going to be really tough facing him 6+ times a year for the next 15 at least. Moral of last night is, you can’t only play one period of good hockey and expect to win vs mediocre teams, let alone good teams. Don’t expect to stay out of the box for 58 minutes tomorrow like you did last night either. That stat will even itself out. Sticking to my guns, Bruins in 6


Bruins Rally vs Canadiens

What an emotional roller coaster last night was. There’s a lot to digest from last night. Lots of bad things happened but things turned our way in the end.

The Bruins played probably their worst period of hockey of the season in the second period. Combine officials who were grossly inconsistent with the Bruins making dumb decisions (looking at you Mezaros) and you have a recipe for disaster vs the potent Montreal power play. I don’t know what the problem is with our penalty kill. It’s becoming a glaring weakness in this team and its coming at a very bad time. Vanek had two nice deflections but the defense can’t be allowing Subban to get any pucks that close to Rask in the first place. Marchand played horrendous for 50 minutes. I was ready to just stick him down with Campbell and Thornton. 

I don’t know what happened in the last 10 minutes but it was magical. Dougie got Price guessing on a shot through the screen for a great goal. Price called it lucky but Dougie went back against the grain with Price moving away from the shot as it tickled the twine. Great shot. Bergy then tied it up on a lacrosse-esque bounce shot. Those are the bounces the Bruins have been having go against them. Good to see them even out. On the go ahead goal, lord only knows what Price was doing. The second the pass wen to Smith, Price laid right on his stomach and gave Smith a wide open roof shot he easily buried. Everyone that chirpped about the Seguin deal, Reilly Smith is scoring Game winning goals vs Montreal in the playoffs while Seguin is working on his short game at Dallas country club. 

Final thoughts. As good as Carey Price has been, he has given up 7 goals, same amount of goals conceded by Rask. This all coming while Price is playing out of his mind and Rask has been extremely average. Rask can play better than he has while Price cannot. It would not surprise me one bit if the Bruins took this momentum and just tore off the next three games in a row en-route to the conference final. The Bruins played their worst game since before the Olympics and still won 5-3. Time to pour it on Price in his own building. 11 to go



Montreal Outlasts Bruins in OT

First things first, climb down off the top of the Tobin if your up there. I don’t get the feeling that people are panicking by just really ticked off at losing a VERY winnable 2 OT to Montreal to PK Subban. I am not happy as well but then remember, many of us predicted the series would go 6 or 7 games which automatically has the Bruins losing at least 2 games. 

Last night, the Bruins dominated the game for the most part. Tuukka told you exactly how he played and he was right. Sure the two Subban goals were through traffic, but saveable pucks no doubt. He knows he has to play better if Price is going to stop 50 pucks. Price’s performance can’t go unnoticed. Dude showed up and stood on his head. Credit where it’s due.

Bartkowski, Bartkowski. A dumb penalty by him opened the scoring, and a Tedy Bruschiesque form tackle landed him in the box which set up the game winner. He scared me all night even when he wasn’t in the penalty box. I know he’s one of the youngsters and isn’t proven and he should scare me, but dumb penalties have no place in the playoffs. Nonetheless, need a better effort from the PK. Rask knows that starts with him. Your goalie is you best penalty killer. 

The Bruins played great hockey for the most part though. Just didn’t get the bounces you need to win a long double OT game. I fully expect them to even the series Saturday and if not, things are going to get a lot more desperate for the black and gold. 


NHL Playoffs Round 1 Wrap up/ Round 2 Preview


Wild night last night to end round 1 in the NHL playoffs and what a round it was. Did not disappoint. The 8th seeded Wild beat Colorado in 7 games. The Kings flexed their playoff muscle per usual and took the last 4 from the Sharks after going down 3-0 in the series. Marc Andre Fleury looks like the sieve he is, and the blue shirts went to 6-0 all time in game sevens. Great round. The next should be just as good. The matchups are really juicy. Let’s start out west.

Minnesota Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks-

This match is riddled with speed and skill on the ice. Chicago has the pedigree which you would think would make this series easy to call. Not so fast. The Wild play a grinder type hockey. They buzz around the puck and never let up and have skilled players to produce goals when they need them. A series win by the Wild would not shock me but would be surprising nonetheless. Chicago should take care of business behind a massive advantage in net with Crawford. Hawks in 6

Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings-

This series rests completely on the shoulders of Quick. If Quick comes out like he did at the beginning of the Sharks series, its game over for the Kings. The Ducks can score and score at will. The Kings MO is much like the Bruins, layers upon layers defensively and hope to generate a enough offensively to win the game. The waves of attack from Anaheim are going to be too much. Usually I love riding the goalie in the playoffs but this series is the exception. The Ducks are a really good team. Inter-city series goes to the quack attack. Ducks in 5

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Rangers

For the record, I do not believe in Pittsburgh one bit. Not a fan of what they do. I feel like Blysma has no control over his ship. Even with the win over the Blue Jackets the series before, solving a very good goalie, I don’t think they can beat the Rangers. Huge advantage in net for the Rangers as Fleury has no mental fortitude in the playoffs. Great mix of skill, speed and toughness for the Rangers. They are hardened after a tough long series with the Flyers. Pittsburgh won’t bring nearly as much intensity. Torts isn’t there to mess it up like he did last year vs the Bruins in the second round. Rangers in 6

Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

The best rivalry in the world is back. This year in the second round. They haven’t met past the first round in recent memory and it only adds to the mystique. I already gave a little bit on this series. I expect the Bruins to come out and be physical with that French colony 4 hours north. Tukkaa is the best goalie in the world. The Bruins can’t fall into the trap that Montreal puts out there every game with the diving and the cheap shots. Play Bruins hockey and they will be fine. I’m more excited for this series than I have been in a long time (since last summers cup vs the hawks. I love being from Boston). Montreal will poke the bear and the bear will eliminate them in their own building. Bruins in 6