Why is Everyone Hating on Steven Drew?

Today, the Sox signed Steven Drew for the Remainder of this year. Social media promptly exploded with everyone bashing the Sox for signing him. What for? It’s borderline barbaric the hate for this guy. He is such a low risk signing for the Sox. Is he supposed to come in and play 100 games at short and hit .325 with 10 dingers for the remainder of the season? Absolutely not. In case everyone hasn’t noticed, the Sox bottom of the lineup is atrocious. The sox just aren’t hitting anything in general. Middlebrooks is on the DL for what seems like the millionth time in his short career. Bogaerts is still just a boy who has 3 whole months of big league ball under his belt. The fill ins at third for Middlebrooks at third have been far from efficient even though Brock Holt has a top 10 baseball name. Holt has gotten on base 0 times in the last 7 days. Herrera is hitting below the mendoza line. Drew can come in, play every few days, play a decent short and add an average bat to a very below average lineup. Seems like ages ago he was hitting huge home runs in the World Series, never mind it was only 7 months ago. No reason to hate this. Low risk signing for a team that clearly needs some fresh  recycled air.  


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