Jerry Jones Praises Jon Bon Jovi, Yawn…


ESPN– Link here

How about Jerry jones coming out and praising Bon Jovi? He’s a little late to the party. I’m not talking about late to being a fan to the great 80s hair metal band, no I’m talking about having Bon Jovi being associated with an NFL team. Belichick has the monopoly when it comes to Bon Jovi’s fan interests. Bon Jovi is a regular on the Pats sideline and in the captain’s chair next to Kraft in the throne room during games. Is this Jerry Jones trying to play mind games? Probably not. You can’t out mind game the master of universe Bill Belichick. 

Now this article is really about Bon Jovi being interested in buying the Bills. I’m all for it. It’s all part of Belichick’s plan. His boys always help him out and Bon Jovi would be no different. Belichick lost his AAA team the Buccanneers when Schiano got fired. Only natural the hooded one is putting another puppet government into place. 



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