Age old Question: Why Do Baseball Players get Injured in the Stupidest Ways?

This has been something that has been bothering me for a long time. Baseball players always get injuries in the most bizarre ways and I have no idea why. I understand they are the least athletic athletes of the four major sports (looking at you Bartolo Colon), but they get injured doing everyday things that common men and athletes do alike. Here are some of the worst.

This year, Matt Cain missed starts because he cut his hand while making his daughter a sandwich. He did it when the knife fell and he went to catch it. Obviously he succeeded in catching it which is cool but it’s so typical that he had to miss games for something like that. 

Joel Zumaya went on the DL years ago after he got blisters playing Guitar Hero. This is outrageous seeing as I easily have logged more hours of Guitar Hero than a major league closer. No blisters here! 

Sammy Sosa strained his back sneezing. This was very famous when it happened. Sneezing is something very violent and is quite possibly the most violent thing the body does. Something you do every day though. Can’t have DL stints because of sneezing. 

Those are my three favorite. If you want to see more click here




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