Game 6 = Murphy’s Law

gif not from last night but it might as well have been

Where oh where to begin. After dominating game 5 in every aspect from the score board, physicality, and supersoaker accuracy, the Bruins came and combined getting bad breaks with uninspired play. Not usually a recipe for winning playoff games. 

Bruins should have been up 2-1 after a dumb dumb dumb turnover leading to a Montreal goal. Lucic aimed away from the net when he had an easy back door opportunity. Eriksson hitting the crossbar (12th) did not do any favors either. The most frustrating part of the game was by far the second period post PP offensive end sequence where the Montreal players could not get off the ice for what seemed like an eternity. Not scoring in that opportunity really did them in and gave Montreal even more momentum.

The lone bright spot last night was obviously Sodaberg. The guy is playing on a different level right now. Lock him up long term. Star in the making and this series he has all but carried the Bruins. Magic man Krejci also played very well which could bode well for game 7 if our top 3 lines are going to catch fire.

How does anybody root for Montreal? Honest question. their best player punches people instead of checking them. They dive so much even the Italian national soccer team blushes a bit. There fans are more insufferable than Yankees fans and that is saying a lot. If you value humanity and are just a sports fan in general, you have to be rooting for Boston tomorrow night. It’s going to be a long summer if we don’t pull this one out. It’s only May 13 for god sake. Football season isn’t close enough yet! 9 to go.



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