Patriots Draft Recap

The most hyped draft in recent memory didn’t disappoint. The NFL can do whatever they want I guess because even after complaining about how they have jumped the shark blah blah blah, I still was glued to NFL Network until 530am Europe time. Let’s get to the Pats picks.

Dominic Easley is a huge question mark health wise. 2 torn ACLs in his college career is a concern but the sky is the limit. He gets after the QB on the inside and is tough against the run. He adds tons of spark to an old unit that was abysmal against the run last year. Injuries obviously played a big role last year but regardless, the need is there to sure up that front seven. Year 3 Chandler Jones, Nink, Wilfork and Easley getting after the QB on third down combined with a top 5 NFL secondary will be tough for teams to deal with. 

The depth they added on the OL, spending 3 picks, may surprise people who look at a group of solid starters all returning. I am all for it. This is a unit that yes has experience but needs a push for their positions. Last year was probably the worst year of the Brady tenure in terms of OL play. Wendell should lose his job. He can’t push anyone around and as the center, you always play vs the biggest, strongest players on the field. The kid from Florida St should jump him. Depth if nothing else is a great thing to have on the OL.

Jeremy Gallon. Michigan man. Great pick in the late rounds. Undersized yes but he was phenomenal at Michigan playing for very very mediocre pass QBs. Probably the most underrated college receiver in this draft. Absolutely will help on Special Teams and will add depth to the slot. 

Now for the elephant in the room. Jimmy Garoppolo QB Eastern Illinois. This is brilliant. Belichick even said himself after the pick, “better to be early than late.” He couldn’t be more right. Brady turns 37 in August. That is old folks. Not by any means ruling out another Super Bowl or two but let’s look at the history. Montana got traded, Favre got traded, even Wayne Gretzky got traded. What all those things have in common, the team that traded those players went onto win a title shortly after. As much as we don’t want it to happen, the day will come with Brady either retiring or wearing some god awful jersey that doesn’t have a flying elvis on it. Hopefully Jimmy will do nothing but hold a clipboard for 3 years and maybe throw a preseason TD or 2 and eventually take over for the GOAT and keep the never ending dynasty going. 

ESPN gave the Pats a C which is disgusting. So much potential in this group of players and tons of depth added in the right spots. The draft isn’t about drafting the best college players, it’s about drafting the best pros and that’s what the Pats did. B+



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