2014 NFL Draft Predictions

What team is going to try and one up this draft card this year? Obviously it will never be done. 

Finally, tonight is the night. Lots of speculation and diluted information has been floated along in recent weeks. Here’s the end all to it. Read no further.

Clowney will be the first overall pick-

Seems the obvious choice and it should be. Those trolls working at ESPN like to make you think maybe it will be Manziel or Bortles or the OL Robinson. As much as I love the OL, and this Robinson guy is as good as it gets, Guys like Clowney never come around. Question his motivation all you want, the talent is something your franchise will never have another shot at. This has been a foregone conclusion since Clowney left high school. Here’s his high school tape which is the most impressive thing you will see all day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTkmiBdoBDc

The Falcons Will Trade Up-

Now, the Falcons have a low pick as it is. They also have glaring needs at the OL and on Defense. The consensus is that there are 4 can’t miss guys in this draft slated for the top 4: Clowney, Robinson, OLB Khalil Mack, and WR Sammy Watkins. 3 of those positons fit an immediate need for the Falcons. The Falcons are a team with a franchise QB, very talented WRs and a stable front office situation. All they need is an injection of playmaking on defense or a guy to anchor that offensive line. 

Blake Bortles Will NOT go before Manziel-

The guy is nicknamed johnny football for a reason. I don’t understand where all the love comes from for Bortles. Yes he’s the Drew Bledsoe, tall strong arm, prototype QB but what else jumps of the page? Of Manziel, Bortles and Bridgewater, Bortles had the highest percentage of passes 5 yards or less. Very Alex Smith like and we already know you can’t build offenses around Alex Smith. Bortles won’t drop out of the first round but he absolutely is going after Johnny Football.

The Pats will NOT draft Rashede Hageman-

Simple reason to this. Every single mock since February has had him being drafted by the Pats, meaning it absolutely won’t happen. Couple that with some teams looking to trade back into the first round (Washington and Houston) and the Pats could possibly trade out which they never hate doing. 

There’s some predictions for you guys. I should also note for fellow Pats fans that when Belichick does the opposite of what you want him to do (except in 2012), remember that he turned the Mark Ingram pick into Chandler Jones and Shane Vereen. And he’s got pictures like this on the internet

Don’t underestimate the Dark Lord



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