The NFL has Jumped the Shark

The last 24 hours, this sentiment has been going around social media. Nobody can take anymore NFL draft previews or speculation or mock drafts. Enough McShay and Kiper regurgitating the slightly different information every few hours. I’m on board with this times infinity. 

I despise that the NFL moved the draft into the second week of May. It was so perfectly placed the second to last week in April. Something to look forward too a short time after March madness. With the draft being pushed back, all we are getting is just dilluted coverage. You can only read the Patriots are going to draft Rashead Hageman or Clowney may have a motor issue so much. Also would rather have the draft on its old Saturday matinee schedule but that’s for a different blog. 

Everybody that knows me knows I am a draft junkie. I literally cannot get enough draft information and being an ESPN insider this year was sweet in that regard. Even so, I’ve gotten so sick of it. I’ve been ready to react to the Patriots eventually trading out of Thursday night for too long now! Get on with it NFL. Maybe Mark Cuban is onto something. The NFL maybe be getting too big and diluting itself with repeat content but us lemmings will always consume it. 


sidenote: It is atrocious that Kiper still has a job. The guy ADMITTED to purposely promoting recruits to teams in order for them to get drafted higher for the agents to make more money. That is the shadiest activity ever. I never read into anything he says anymore and its a crime if people still take him seriously. 

The Bruins Canadiens game 4 being on simultaneously is my biggest dilemma of the decade I think


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