Pathetic Game 3 for Bs

Well, last night was atrocious. Not even anything you can usually blame a road loss to the Canadiens on. This photo was the Bruins’ only penalty of the night and they ended up killing it already down 3-1. 

Where to begin? The awareness from the team has a whole was embarassing. Mezaros was a revolving door. Poor communication between Iginla and the defense on the first goal left Plekanec wide open for an easy back door layup goal. Two breakaways later, it’s 3-0. The Subban out of the box goal was the hardest to swallow. I remember looking at the clock as Montreal was clearing the zone and said Subban is coming out and good we have two guys back. Both stayed on the other side of the ice! It was mind boggling! I was convinced they had that threat covered but both players decided to hang Rask out to dry. 

It is easy to look and say they were snake bitten again with more whiffed shots and posts but at this point in the series, those excuses mean nothing. You have to execute. The first two periods, they were content to just shoot into defensemen and not get anything meaningful towards Price. Everything that went towards Price, he had a clean look at. I love Boychuck always shooting but my god, NO BLOCKED SHOTS. Everyone needs to start being accountable. With the exception of Krug and Bergeron, everyone is playing bad to terrible. Rask has been extremely average which you can’t be in the Stanley Cup playoffs is you expect to win a title. Game 4 is a must win. Carey Price is good enough where he will steal a close out game if you give him 3 chances. He has been outstanding this series. It’s easy to hate Subban too because of his antics, but the guy is a player. Going to be really tough facing him 6+ times a year for the next 15 at least. Moral of last night is, you can’t only play one period of good hockey and expect to win vs mediocre teams, let alone good teams. Don’t expect to stay out of the box for 58 minutes tomorrow like you did last night either. That stat will even itself out. Sticking to my guns, Bruins in 6



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