My Opinion of Kevin Durant’s MVP Speech will not be Popular

I am going to be in the deepest minority here but I have a beef with KD. Yeah the coming from nothing to being NBA MVP is a huge accomplishment and you can’t hate a shout out to mom. I’m not about that.

My issue is more to the point that this is an MVP, not a championship. Tears for Caron Butler over an MVP award after you barely make it out of the first round is just stupid. Had a beef with a friend over this last night who loves basketball and I am admittedly not a basketball guy.

For me, MVPs shouldn’t be the things you get all choked up about. Obviously Brady enjoyed his multiple MVP awards but does he hold those in any esteem? Not even close. MVP awards are for guys like Manning and Crosby to get their kicks over. I literally just don’t know what to say. What this boils down to is if you enjoy looking at the Patriots 16-0 2007 banner in Gillette or not. That banner is essentially an MVP award. It makes my blood boil every time I make a pilgrimage down to that beautiful football cathedral. I look up at it just like the Hawks coach from Mighty Ducks looks at his second place banner and say “I wish they’d take that one down.”

That’s my problem with MVP awards and KDs reaction to his. If the Thunder ever win a title, we might need to build an arc with how much he’s going to cry after winning something that is timeless. Nobody remembers who wins MVPs, not a lot of people at least. Championships are timeless. There is no room for this much emotion over an MVP award


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