Unexpected Marathon Shout Out

This will not be your typical marathon shout out. This is not unique just to the Boston Marathon or any specific participants. This shout out goes out to the people that physically couldn’t finish the marathon when they attempted to do it for whatever reason. People always love showing off their jackets and medals and stuff and that’s great. No way I could run 26.2 miles in a week let alone 4 hours. 

What you never hear about though, is the people that fair to finish. Exercise is done correctly when you go to failure. If you run to the point you physically can;t go any further, that’s a success in my book. Training for football, the lovely coach Lattof would always push us to that point. Exhausting yourself to the point of failure is a success. So to the runners, lifters, trainers, and anyone else, congrats on pushing yourself to your absolute limit. That is the true reward, not some dumb participants medal.



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