Thoughts on the Race Issues from the Last 10 Days

Not a great week for the world. So much hate everywhere brought to the public light. I’m going to spin a new take on this whole situation. The Sterling thing is messed up on all levels even boiling down to the chick just illegally taping someone. NBA acted appropriately yadda yadda yadda. 

What I am more intrigued by is how two weeks in a row, European soccer players have combated racism in a different way. Rather than condemning the people behind the banana throw at Dani Alves or the racist chants towards Diop, they have mocked their haters. It’s brilliant. It goes back to the whole thing your mother used to tell you about bullies, show them they can’t hurt you. Soccer stars instagramming themselves eating bananas in solidarity and Diop dancing towards the hate filled chants immediatley disarms the haters. Your going to chant racist remarks at me? Fine I’m going to dance myself a little jig. You want to throw banana’s at me? Thanks for the potassium boost I need during the match. It’s remarkable. Maybe if people just turned the tide in this way more often, the racists would have less ammunition. I’m all for what these players did. It goes a lot further than a mainstream media condemnation or a “say no” campaign. 



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