Bruins Rally vs Canadiens

What an emotional roller coaster last night was. There’s a lot to digest from last night. Lots of bad things happened but things turned our way in the end.

The Bruins played probably their worst period of hockey of the season in the second period. Combine officials who were grossly inconsistent with the Bruins making dumb decisions (looking at you Mezaros) and you have a recipe for disaster vs the potent Montreal power play. I don’t know what the problem is with our penalty kill. It’s becoming a glaring weakness in this team and its coming at a very bad time. Vanek had two nice deflections but the defense can’t be allowing Subban to get any pucks that close to Rask in the first place. Marchand played horrendous for 50 minutes. I was ready to just stick him down with Campbell and Thornton. 

I don’t know what happened in the last 10 minutes but it was magical. Dougie got Price guessing on a shot through the screen for a great goal. Price called it lucky but Dougie went back against the grain with Price moving away from the shot as it tickled the twine. Great shot. Bergy then tied it up on a lacrosse-esque bounce shot. Those are the bounces the Bruins have been having go against them. Good to see them even out. On the go ahead goal, lord only knows what Price was doing. The second the pass wen to Smith, Price laid right on his stomach and gave Smith a wide open roof shot he easily buried. Everyone that chirpped about the Seguin deal, Reilly Smith is scoring Game winning goals vs Montreal in the playoffs while Seguin is working on his short game at Dallas country club. 

Final thoughts. As good as Carey Price has been, he has given up 7 goals, same amount of goals conceded by Rask. This all coming while Price is playing out of his mind and Rask has been extremely average. Rask can play better than he has while Price cannot. It would not surprise me one bit if the Bruins took this momentum and just tore off the next three games in a row en-route to the conference final. The Bruins played their worst game since before the Olympics and still won 5-3. Time to pour it on Price in his own building. 11 to go




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