Montreal Outlasts Bruins in OT

First things first, climb down off the top of the Tobin if your up there. I don’t get the feeling that people are panicking by just really ticked off at losing a VERY winnable 2 OT to Montreal to PK Subban. I am not happy as well but then remember, many of us predicted the series would go 6 or 7 games which automatically has the Bruins losing at least 2 games. 

Last night, the Bruins dominated the game for the most part. Tuukka told you exactly how he played and he was right. Sure the two Subban goals were through traffic, but saveable pucks no doubt. He knows he has to play better if Price is going to stop 50 pucks. Price’s performance can’t go unnoticed. Dude showed up and stood on his head. Credit where it’s due.

Bartkowski, Bartkowski. A dumb penalty by him opened the scoring, and a Tedy Bruschiesque form tackle landed him in the box which set up the game winner. He scared me all night even when he wasn’t in the penalty box. I know he’s one of the youngsters and isn’t proven and he should scare me, but dumb penalties have no place in the playoffs. Nonetheless, need a better effort from the PK. Rask knows that starts with him. Your goalie is you best penalty killer. 

The Bruins played great hockey for the most part though. Just didn’t get the bounces you need to win a long double OT game. I fully expect them to even the series Saturday and if not, things are going to get a lot more desperate for the black and gold. 



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