NHL Playoffs Round 1 Wrap up/ Round 2 Preview


Wild night last night to end round 1 in the NHL playoffs and what a round it was. Did not disappoint. The 8th seeded Wild beat Colorado in 7 games. The Kings flexed their playoff muscle per usual and took the last 4 from the Sharks after going down 3-0 in the series. Marc Andre Fleury looks like the sieve he is, and the blue shirts went to 6-0 all time in game sevens. Great round. The next should be just as good. The matchups are really juicy. Let’s start out west.

Minnesota Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks-

This match is riddled with speed and skill on the ice. Chicago has the pedigree which you would think would make this series easy to call. Not so fast. The Wild play a grinder type hockey. They buzz around the puck and never let up and have skilled players to produce goals when they need them. A series win by the Wild would not shock me but would be surprising nonetheless. Chicago should take care of business behind a massive advantage in net with Crawford. Hawks in 6

Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings-

This series rests completely on the shoulders of Quick. If Quick comes out like he did at the beginning of the Sharks series, its game over for the Kings. The Ducks can score and score at will. The Kings MO is much like the Bruins, layers upon layers defensively and hope to generate a enough offensively to win the game. The waves of attack from Anaheim are going to be too much. Usually I love riding the goalie in the playoffs but this series is the exception. The Ducks are a really good team. Inter-city series goes to the quack attack. Ducks in 5

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Rangers

For the record, I do not believe in Pittsburgh one bit. Not a fan of what they do. I feel like Blysma has no control over his ship. Even with the win over the Blue Jackets the series before, solving a very good goalie, I don’t think they can beat the Rangers. Huge advantage in net for the Rangers as Fleury has no mental fortitude in the playoffs. Great mix of skill, speed and toughness for the Rangers. They are hardened after a tough long series with the Flyers. Pittsburgh won’t bring nearly as much intensity. Torts isn’t there to mess it up like he did last year vs the Bruins in the second round. Rangers in 6

Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

The best rivalry in the world is back. This year in the second round. They haven’t met past the first round in recent memory and it only adds to the mystique. I already gave a little bit on this series. I expect the Bruins to come out and be physical with that French colony 4 hours north. Tukkaa is the best goalie in the world. The Bruins can’t fall into the trap that Montreal puts out there every game with the diving and the cheap shots. Play Bruins hockey and they will be fine. I’m more excited for this series than I have been in a long time (since last summers cup vs the hawks. I love being from Boston). Montreal will poke the bear and the bear will eliminate them in their own building. Bruins in 6


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