John Lackey is so Confusing

John Lackey went out last night an pitched great again. He has been a rock solid 3/4 starter since the beginning of last season when he came off Tommy John Surgery and Chicken and Beer gate the previous two years. The body of work speaks for itself the last two years. 3.5 era and 7Ks per 9 innings is competitive if not better than the rest of teams’ 4th starter from last year. Started 29 games too. Already has 4 wins this year and is looking to be on pace to have better numbers. He’s only gotten better with age. He’s 35 years old and before his Tommy John, he had a 6 ERA during that horrendous 2012 season and was one of the cronies that ran Francona out of town. 

Credit has to be given to Farrell for restoring order in this clubhouse and fixing our pitching staff. He took guys with talent like Lackey and Lester, fixed their mechanics and we ended up with a World Series ring. Lackey’s performance in the clinching game last year was the stuff of myths. That’s why I’m so confused. I was expecting him to come out this April and have nothing but a 7 ERA and baserunners everywhere. That is not the case. I will never ever trust Lackey but I’d be lying if is said since the beginning of 2013, he is probably the biggest surprise on the entire team. 


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