Confession: I Still Love Fernando Torres

Confession: I Still Love Fernando Torres

Touchy Touchy subject for Liverpool fans. Luke and his family always give me crap for still loving Torres even though his exit was unceremonious and both parties were ready to move on. His goal tonight vs his boyhood club, Atletico Madrid, he refused to celebrate. Classy as it comes. He didn’t forget where he came from.

Last Sunday was a dark day to be a Liverpool fan. Not only the loss, but the cruelty of the first goal with Gerrard misplaying the ball and falling down leaving Ba unimpeaded on goal, was as heart breaking as it gets. Only thing that compares is Gyan missing the penalty at the end of the World Cup Quarter final vs Uruguay. After sending Liverpool forward, Chelsea cleared the ball and Torres was on the ball 2-1 with Mingolet and Willan challengeing with him. Rather than the world class striker finishing the game with a dagger into the hearts of Liverpool fans everywhere, he ceded to the Brazilian to put Liverpool out of the misery. Class act by Torres is the only silver lining to Sunday.

Torres made me appreciate soccer. He was the first European player that ever struck a chord with me. Classy all the way, great Kop song, clinical scorer. He will always be my favorite soccer player.




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