Ho Hum, Bruins Knock out Wings in 5

Well that went according to plan. After dropping game 1, the Bruins came out and took 4 in a row to beat the pesky Wings. The Wings got lots of guys back and fans will quickly look to the excuses that Zetterberg wasn’t 100% and Howard got the flu blah blah blah but in the end, the Bruins were the FAR superior team and deserved to go through to the Eastern Conference semis. Detroit never even made me think they could win the series. The Bruins are relentless in all aspects of the game. By far the most impressive team so far this post season, especially in the east. No doubt in my mind, if they beat Montreal, they should walk right through whomever qualifies between Pittsburgh or the Rangers (Yes i am assuming the Rangers put Philly to bed as well as Pittsburgh.) .

Getting through Montreal will be difficult though. They have two classic Bruins killers in Briere and Vanek. Not good and the ghosts of all those old Frenchies whisper in the refs ears up in the Bell Center so we have that going against us too. The Bruins should win the series behind Rask and the solid defense and experience. This isn’t your father’s Bruins-Montreal rivalry anymore either. Everyone in that organization feels they are better than Montreal and aren’t spooked by the ghosts from the past. My official prediciton is Bruins in 6. Knocking out Montreal in the Bell Center is every Bruins fan’s wet dream and this year we get to do it again! 12 to go



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