I Just Uncovered the Conspiracy Behind the Death of Net Neutrality


The NHL playoffs are in full swing and because of me living in Spain, the games start at 2am and end around 6am. I’ve gotten maybe 10 hours of sleep this entire week. This has brought my mind to strange places but some good came of it because I have finally gotten to the bottom of the great Net Neutrality conspiracy.

The end of net neutrality essentially means all those horrendous internet companies like comcast and verizon can now slow down and speed up all internet channels at will without consequence. The FCC fought for the rights of free and open internet channels up until this year. Basically, services like Netflix and Youtube can now be charged extra money for no reason by these companies which obviously trickles down to the consumer.  So, why did the FCC, a federal (public) organization, all of a sudden stop protecting the people and give into the corporate fascists? Let’s start from the beginning.

The first sign we should have seen was the death of unlimited data plans with cell phone and tablet companies. Being able to have unlimited data on your device is as good, if not better than the internet, Especially with 4G. You simply have no need to pay for an internet plan with comcast or verizon if you can access the internet from anywhere you have a cell signal. Yes you pay a fee, but it is miniscule compared to paying for internet and it doesn’t slow with increased traffic. 

The end of this means, when you are sitting in a cafe or in your home, you are more inclined to use the wifi as to not go over your monthly data limit, as hard as it may be. 

The next step in this plan is to pit competitors like Google and Yahoo against each other. Companies will back one or the other and drive up the prices for the consumer. Higher prices to search the web means less availability to the common man. The more elitist the internet becomes, the more society loses out. Also, say the head of a company is a religious zealot or has certain political motives. Forget browsing Barstool or Porn sites and forget about looking up unbiased info about political leaders. 

The more politically motivated the internet companies are, the less use the internet will have. The internet is the last free forum for information. If you know the right places to look, you can find unbiased news and inform yourself. The death of net neutrality is going to end with strict government internet regulation just like in China. In typing this, I know I left out some points. Maybe one more night of 2 hours of sleep will jog my memory and I’ll have a follow up. Keep the internet to the commoners! 



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