Bruins Take Both at Joe Louis


Last night the Bruins won for the second time in 3 nights at Joe Louis arena against a desperate Red Wings team .The Red Wings were buzzing in the first period with lots of energy after the return of veteran leaders Henrick Zetterberg and Todd Bertuzzi getting an early power play goal with Bertuzzi doing his best Great Wall of China impression in front of Rask. The Wings would then get another goal on the backdoor by Datsyuk to go up by 2 in the second period. 

This Bruins team being the veteran bunch it is, responded perfectly as they dominated the rest of the game. Krug’s power play goal and the outstanding effort by Sodaberg to center a pass to Lucic for the tying goal brought the Red Wings and Joe Louis arena back to Earth. The Bruins generated most of the chances later on in the game and were helped out by an amazing effort once again from Tuukka. You would have a hard time arguing another goalie as best in the world with me. Rask is at the absolute top of his game. You can have your Quick and your King Henrick, give me the crazy Finn every day of the week and twice on Sunday if I need to win one game or 50 games. He stopped Abldelkater on a breakaway in OT that preserved the series lead for the B’s that could become another crucial moment in a deep cup run for the B’s.

Marchand got bailed out for missing two wide open nets by a nice double deflection from Iginla then off a Detroit defender to give the Bruins a 3-1 series lead after being down 2-0 in game 4. This sets up a perfect opportunity to win game 5 and get a little rest before what is sure to be a grueling series with the frenchies north of the border. 13 to go boys! 


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