The Patriots now Have Their Order of Execution List

The Patriots now Have Their Order of Execution List

The schedule was finally released last night for the 2014 NFL season and I did not win any money in any of the contests predicting the schedules I entered. Surprise Surprise. Draft isn’t for another two weeks but let’s try and see how the Pats will fair with this set up.

Right off the bat, they get tested with a 1pm game in the hot and humid Miami weather. Will be a really tough test as both teams have improved dramatically. Edge Pats but would not surprise me one bit if they started 0-1 and we have to start the first week talking people off the top of the Tobin Bridge.

Going to Buffalo then coming home for a Thursday Jets game will be tough. Easy trap game in Buffalo depending on how the teams are playing at the time. Sets up a nice 10 day break before hosting the Bears which will be fantastic. Still, I am a firm believer that Thursday night games should be reserved for teams coming off BYE weeks.

Going to Green Bay then turning around and going to San Diego is pretty rough but it could be a lot worse. At least they are following up a trip to cold Green Bay with some sunshine the week after.

My prediction for the season is what it always is. 13-3 with a loss to a division rival (Week 1 @Miami) a loss to an out of conference foe (@Green Bay) and then a loss to a team that won their divison the year before like Denver or maybe even KC.

September 7th can’t come soon enough!


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