Well Yesterday Couldn’t Have Gone any Better



First things first, the powers behind this blog are adamant Liverpool supporters so if you are a Manc or a blue it will prob be best you don’t read this blog. 

Last night, 5 days before the biggest Premier League game of the season, Chelsea had to fly to Madrid to play their opening leg of the semi-final tie with Atletico Madrid. As Liverpool fans, injuries were all we were hoping for and boy did we get two big ones. Cech and Terry, the two most veteran Chelsea players went out with injuries and both will not play Sunday at Anfield. 

Not only is this huge in terms of having them not play, this means Mourinho needs to shuffle a back line that has not changed in the last dozen or so games. David Luis will probably shift back to the Center Back role but it breaks up a chemistry and veteran presence that has been their previous. 

It is also worth noting that Lampard and Mikel both are suspended for the second leg on Wednesday. With Hazard nursing injury, it would be wise for Chelsea to save him for the Atletico Madrid game rather than risk going into Wednesday with three top midfielders unavailable. Lampard and Mikel bring veteran presence to the midfield but old man Lampard will not be 100% conditioned on such short rest. 

The chips are in Liverpool’s favor. They need to go out and get it. All this is going their way but this is why they play the games and we don’t decide the games on the internet. Going to be such a hostile atmosphere at Anfield on Sunday and I cannot wait to watch this game unfold. We Go On…




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