Bruins Take Control

What a full fledged beat down in Joe Louis arena last night. Even with Smith knee hunting Marchand, Detroit couldn’t gain any type of advantage the whole game. The first period was probably the single best period of Hockey I have ever seen one team play. Game 6 vs Vancouver is the only thing that comes close and even that was only really a dominant 5 minutes. The Bruins spent the entire period in the Detroit zone and it looked like Howard was lost out there. Credit to Howard for settling down in the second though and being the only thing keeping Detroit in the game and possibly the only positive takeaway for Wings fans.The Bruins had multiple odd man rushes and power plays in the second and third where things could have easily got out of hand and Howard met them all. 

I felt bad for Babcock towards the end of the game. Everything he tried came up with nothing. There comes a time where the players have to play and the Wings just did not execute anything. Tough to solve a goalie like Rask as it is so you have to be pinpoint on all your chances you generate especially against the suffocating and physical Bruins team. The Bruins impressed their will on a young Detroit team and left them will little hope of pulling off the upset against a very experienced team. Sticking by my Bruins in 5 prediction. 14 to go.


sidenote: Montreal awaits…..


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