Leave the World Behind Review

Leave the World Behind Review

The HIGHLY anticipated final tour documentary of Swedish House Mafia is now available on iTunes so if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and pay the 12$ and give yourself a great 1.5 hours. Originally, the Swedish was not translated right away but that was fixed eventually, thanks a lot iTunes.

Anyway the movie is phenomenal. For everything it left out, in terms of answering questions, it substituted it with amazing intimate family moments or pre/post show moments with the guys. Now, they made it very clear that the reason for the breakup was the inability to commit to Swedish House Mafia. One telling moment in the film was when the three rented a house in Australia to complete their single “Don’t you worry child.” Steve went out in the middle of a session and got inked and left Ax and Seb to work on the track. Obviously they were not happy with that and there was lots of tension upon Steve’s return. Obviously this wasn’t the only instance of one of them doing this but this was the one shown.

They clearly weren’t having as much fun as they could have been. Axwell seemed to be the only one who wanted to keep it together. In the interviews they all said its great to go out while it’s still huge because it can only fall. Axwell was the only one saying “let’s quit our solo stuff and only do Swedish House Mafia and make it the biggest thing in the world.” It’s sad because you know they could make it bigger. Steve is clearly too cool for school and has so much self pride to talk things out with them. Seb is crazy and has some mental things and other interests he is happier pursuing. Axwell just loves what he does. He loves Seb and Steve and Loves SHM but knows it can’t survive if they aren’t going to work things out. Maybe this is for the best. Maybe they get back together? Ax and Seb did the Departures thing in Ibiza last summer so they are clearly still talking and collaborating. Either way, the three of them are all telented enough where I will continue to follow and listen to everything they each put out whether they are together or not.



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