Cooke Does it Again



The name Matt Cooke has made my blood boil since he assassinated Savard with a cowardly chicken wing. Last night, he was up to his old tricks again. All I have heard since his last suspension (17 games) which was his fourth career suspension, is how much Cooke has changed his game and has been playing clean hockey. Last night was more evidence that a zebra can’t change his stripes. Cooke clearly has learned nothing. This will be his fifth career suspension and the NHL has already offered him an in person hearing which only occurs when the suspension is to be more than 5 games. If I had it my way, he would have been kicked out of the league long ago. He has already ended a players career with a hit that was a clear intent to injure Savard. Four suspensions later, He is looking at a fifth. Guys like him Torres, and Scott are cancers to the NHL. The League can send a message. Give him 30 games and make it his last straw. Seriously, how many concussions and knee ligament tears does he have to create. He will always be my least favorite athlete in any sport.




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