Bruins Split with Wings


GIF says it all

After playing to a stalemate Friday for 57 minutes that ended with us getting Datsyuked, the Bruins came out Sunday and got the offense in rythym while still physically dominating the wings. The above GIF is a perfect microcosm of how the weekend went. Detroit threw a few small punches and eventually woke up the sleeping bear. Lucic is skating the way he needs to skate if the Bruins are going to go all the way. He’s dominating every inch of ice around him whether or not he is on the puck. Other than one bad bounce, Rask was unbeatable in net and deserved a shutout. The power play isn’t missing a beat as special teams was the difference last night. Awesome to not wait until the conference final for a power play goal for once. I expect Joe Louis to be a madhouse this week but the Bruins are up for it. The Bruins have gone into Montreal and MSG and won games there so this is just another plane ride. Sticking to my guns with my Bruins in 5 prediction and with montreal already up 3-0, well they would be a great second round opponent. 15 to go.


Sidenote, that ref saved smith’s life last night. don’t care how tough you think you are Chara is bigger and more eastern european than you.




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