Bruins vs Wings Preview

Your President’s Trophy winning Bruins finally begin the real season tonight against the new to the conference Detroit Red Wings. Great first round match up between two original six franchises. Shouldn’t disappointing. People on the internet are quick to say Bruins or Wings in 7 just based upon pedigree. The wings certainly are not the team they were 3-4 years and neither are the Bruins. Jimmy Howard has won nothing. Hate to bash a local kid but He’s outmatched vs Tuukka and the experienced Bruins roster. The Red Wings use speed and puck control but this isn’t a finesse team they are coming up against. The Bruins will win the battles in the corners and their 3rd ranked power play will be a huge difference in the series. It feels great knowing this year the Bruins PP is tops in the league. For the last 4 cup runs it has been what has held them back. This year it’s something that puts us ahead of anyone else. Couple that with the Bruins being the best 5 on 5 team in the world and this should be a shorter series than people anticipate. Bruins in 5 is the official pick. 




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