El Clasico is not as Clasico as Advertised

Some of you may have heard of the huge game/games every year in the Spanish soccer league between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is billed as one of the best rivalries in all of sports. Living in Spain this past year, I have seen that the people really do live and die with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Just about everyone in the country picks a side. This is exactly the reason why it is such a lame rivalry.  I live 2 hours away from Madrid and 7 hours away from Barcelona. The students I teach only support one of those two sides as does everybody I have encountered in this lovely nation. The problem is that there is another first division team right down the road (20min). NOBODY in this town even acknowledges they exist. Its outrageous. Now my roommate supports a third division team as intensely as I support the Patriots so it’s not everybody. It’s like everyone in the US loving either the Cowboys or the Steelers and paying no regard to Geography, the team your father supported. There are some diehard fans between the two clubs I imagine but the overwhelming support they each receive from all corners of the country waters it down. Maybe I’m spoiled because I support the Bruins and the Red Sox, both of which are part of the best rivalries in their respective sports. Still, there is something to be said about supporting a team through the bad times and not just jumping on the top two teams in the league. That’s what angers me the most.





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